• Viatnamese Raw Hair

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    Because the hair has not been processed in anyway colors may vary and there may also be slight variations in the textures

    Our natural wavy hair offers a thick, coarse natural wave pattern. All bundles were hand picked from a single donor to provide our customers with the best quality hair. It is full from root to ends, has
    medium to low luster, and can be colored and styled as you please. Please refer to a licensed color specialist when altering the natural color of your tresses.

    Please allow up to 15 to 20 days for shipping on all our raw hair in order to offer you the best quality the hair must be ordered from the source , When it arrives at the Vixenloxx headquarters the hair is inspected and deep conditioned. The hair is then hung to air dry over night then packaged and sent to you.
    The hair comes in natural brown/black hair colors.
    Bundles may vary in texture and color as each bundle is from 1 single donor

    The hair comes in natural brown/black hair colors.

    Each bundle is 3.8-4.0 oz
    Due to the authenticity of the hair no two bundles will have the exact wave/curl pattern. However we will match accordingly
    Little to no shedding or tangling
    This hair has not been steamed or chemically altered in anyway
    Our Raw Hair Extensions last 2-3 years with proper care